Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The year of the mobile gaming wars

When Apple has a major product launch coming (the tablet, duh), a possible iPhone form factor refresh, and something on the iPod Touch side, it's important to examine one of the core compentencies of the App Store. That would be gaming. Reading Cringely's 2010 Apple predictions column has me thinking and anticipating what he might have to say tomorrow on and Android and the intgriguing Nokia partnership. (what??) But it makes clear that Apple has the cash and the need to do something only major gaming companies have done so far, and Microsoft who needed to shore up the Xbox, buy a game maker.

This may come as somewhat of a suprise to the hardcore gamers out there who are sure Windows is the only OS for them, but Apple computers have no hardware deficit featuring late nvidia graphics processing units (GPUs), only a, possibly perceived, lack of drivers. And a much more noticible lack of interest due to receiving most of the hot titles late if ever. If Apple owned a major publisher they could of course have an exclusive if not a simulataneous launch of the PC version (Mac version?) on OSX. At the same time they could have a library of games for the iPhone, iPod Touch, The tablet (I won't guess at a name), and maybe a new Apple TV (which could easily be a TV connected to a Time Capsule remotely).

So follow up with Cringely's columns tomorrow and feel free to comment here if you wish.

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  1. the mobile gaming wars will feel the heat later in the year. right now is the lull period while the storm begins to brew. we have seen apple's response with the ipad, and the unenthusiastic response from gamers.

    android continues to struggle in the gaming market with lack of profits surely scaring many developers...that being said, a good quality game [multiplayer?] could definitely earn a profit if it hits the right niche.

    the dark-horse in the race? none other than windows mobile 7. with already a strong underground/community developed gaming scene on xbox life geared at people who want to develop games [and i don't mean the actual gaming companies who produce "arcade" games on XBL].. that paired with the fact that if it can grab some consumer attention then it would seem likely many developers will come onboard and the battle will be set for apple vs ms - gaming king of mobile devices.